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First Communion Boy Balloon

First Communion Religious Boy Balloon 28"

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First Communion Religious Boy Balloon 28"

First Communion Boy Balloon is a perfect addition for your event! May be used in one and all locations throughout your event!

ITEM# 35601-28

Helium or Air

Self Sealing & Reusable

Ships Flat

Made in USA

Same Design on Both Sides

Please Note:

  • Size: 28"
  • Mylar balloons are sensitive to extreme temperature changes. In cold air, they may appear deflated; warm air should expand them again. Extreme heat could cause the helium to expand and burst the balloon.
  • Inflated with helium, this balloon will float for weeks and can be refilled.
  • Mylar balloons may conduct electricity. Do not release helium-filled foil balloons outdoors or use near overhead power lines. Use only non-metallic ribbon and attach the balloon to a weight to keep it from floating away.
  • Balloons are shipped flat and ready to be filled with air or helium.


Choking Hazard

Children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons away from children. Discard broken balloons at once. 


When filling with helium, for best results, do so as close to the event date as possible (the evening before or morning of the event is ideal). DO NOT over-inflate, as the balloon may pop. We do not refund for over inflated balloons.

*Be aware that the balloon will POP if overfilled; please fill balloon SLOWLY!


We recommend carefully inflating balloons with a balloon pump. They self seal when inflated and have instructions for deflating for re-use. Please note that balloon will not float if it is air filled. We do not refund popped balloons.

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